What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting is a hosting in which buyers are allowed to further sell the hosting to other persons. Reseller web hosting accounts are built to resell part of your server’s resources in a dedicated account. If you want to Resell hosting then You have to buy a Reseller account first then you are able to sell it further.

What To Consider While buying Reseller Hosting

As you are paying for the type of hosting product resources, shopping for Reseller Hosting is simpler than other products in many ways.

  • Server Resources (processors, memory, bandwidth, etc)
  • Server Management Support.
  • Billing Software (WHMCS, WHM, cPanel, etc)
  • Data Center Location (Canada, UK, US etc)
  • Security Setup (SSL certificate, DDOS protection)
  • Plan Bonuses and offers (Backups, Domain registration)
  • Server up time.

Reseller Hosting Providers

I have used the multiple reseller hosting services but the best one which support me a lot is GoldenHost.com.

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